How to Keep Pigeons Away

Before explaining some of the most effective pigeon pest management solutions, it would be interesting to share with you an ancient Chinese proverb.  “You can’t stop the birds of sorrow from flying over your head but you can prevent them from building a nest in your hair”. As this has a profound philosophical meaning and approach it may nevertheless be applied to Pest Experts and  a number of the issues that we encounter on a daily basis, particularly if coping with pigeon removal in big cities like London or New York.

Keeping pigeons away from the property is not that complex as it appears. It isn’t rocket science. First of all it is necessary to mention some of the unknown and unpleasant dilemmas that these birds might lead to. There have been many disagreements about pigeons carrying diseases which may be transmitted to us through direct contact or their stool. However, experts say that these statements don’t have any solid scientific evidence. On the other hand, it’s well known that their droppings can damage the paint on your car or truck. This may actually cause more headache to owners of buildings and houses then the probable diseases that they might be transmitters of.

These will be the most dependable pigeon control methods that will keep them away from the premises.

A) Pigeon Spikes.Pigeon, Birds, Wings, Feather

Using pigeon spikes that are ideal for modifying the roost of a house is a powerful technique. Roost modification means changing the ledges of a construction in such a way that pigeons don’t wish to land on them. The altering of ledges by applying spikes is a very humane system of pigeon control. The spikes do not really hurt the pigeons – they simply function as a physical barrier, preventing pigeons from landing.

B) Reppelent

A pigeon repellent is a semi toxic spray material which may be obtained in any pest control shop. It’s powerful but people who have pets in their home want to avoid this as it may bring more harm then benefit. We don’t advise using a compound pigeon repellent until consulting with a pigeon exterminating expert.

C) Pigeon Netting

Netting is another form of physical barrier that prevents birds from landing in places that you wish to keep them off. It’s another powerful method that does not utilize any rude tricks. While pigeon extermination techniques are allowed mostly everywhere it’s still not good to use deadly methods to eliminate those birds.

D) Specialist Cleaning

If you’re totally against fighting the pigeon’s presence on the roof of your property, then you might try different methods to manage their stool and nests. There are companies that supply a great clean up service of pigeon droppings and general muck. This is an alternative for everyone that can afford more pricey services and aren’t willing to put in spikes, nets or use some type of pigeon repellent.


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