Know Your Worth

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Can you state at this time, and with no conditions or uncertainty, you’re worthy to get everything you may expect for or dream about? Do you think you deserve to acquire whatever you need, as to the dreams and goals you’ve created for your life and your career? If something good were to happen at the moment in your life, or on your career, would you really and truly be happy on your own, and accept it?

Many people would probably answer yes to those questions, as who would say no when asked if they’re deserving of the finest in life? But the fact is much different, when you think about the mindset, attitude, and mood most people have about themselves, alongside the organic response they encounter when they set goals, dreams, or a plan for changes in their own lives. This also happens when good things start to happen and there’s a natural sense of self-sabotage or a negative reactive present which begins to install.

I think at some level all of us struggle, or have fought at some stage in our lives, with accepting our normal ability to obtain the good in life. So many men and women want to attain more throughout their lifetime, yet there’s so much negativity surrounding the matter of actually accomplishing greater things or getting more in life.

By comparison, another subject of self-development is over-emphasizing abundance, to the stage it’s taken one Law of the Universe and turned it into a magic, get rich formulation. It’s a law about the condition of someone’s mind, and isn’t the reply to every question someone might have regarding their life, relationship, career, or anything else for that matter. Yet there are countless books and educators who have built entire teaching philosophies about it, and when it does not work for a lot of people, this just reinforces the concept of too little self-worth.

That is also what happens when lots of individuals finally attain the results they hoped for, like a new job, new relationship, new career, marketing, enhanced health, or anything else that had appeared to be something which had just been a dream. The patterns of responsive compliments and dislike may set in, together with questions associated with worthiness. By way of instance, somebody might question whether they’ve worked hard enough to deserve a new job, or they might ask if they deserve a new connection. This might be followed by a vital self-analysis, and record of all the negative qualities which appear to demonstrate this new outcome or outcome or change wasn’t deserved.

I also have struggled with self-worth. My reactive pattern, which demonstrated my lack of feeling a feeling of inner worthiness, occurred whenever I’d dream of getting or doing or achieving something different. I’d all of a sudden get angry about something entirely different or unrelated to whatever it was I had been thinking or dreaming about. What I have discovered is that the external signs of being mad were a sign of the inner turmoil within me. How can I dream when I’d duties and other responsibilities which could appear to hold me back?

What this signifies is I was unable to accept I could have a dream and move past my existing reality, which also was a sign I didn’t think in my own self-worth. Once more, these were reactive routines born from a lifetime of struggle, and always trying to do what was thought of as responsible, rather than reside empowered to follow a dream. This does not mean it was the wrong way to live, only one that was fulfilled.

Maybe this meant it took me in life to be a teacher because of this, yet I think now each these classes were part of what I needed to learn to currently be a teacher. Now I can know what it means to feel uncertainty and the responsive, engrained psychological patterns. This is something I’ve learned and will help teach others, about self-worth and self love. This is also the subject I wanted to find out more about as I had been connected to the Collective Consciousness of humankind and Universal Wisdom. I will share with you today what I heard about the energy of self-worth.

A universal truth is this: Every human being has a set of beliefs which are developed as a product of experience and time, yet the strongest formation time happens early on in life.

While beliefs can be changed, a person will form them early in life and find confirmation of these beliefs through life events.

The beliefs that are hardest to change are those that are private in nature, those deeply connected to a individual’s emotions and state of mind.

But beliefs that are deeply personal and psychological aren’t so easily changed. Those beliefs typically involve how someone thinks they seem, how they believe they’re fitting in with the world and their surroundings, how they are measuring up with others, how they feel about themselves, and how they see their overall value.

These beliefs are deeply held and engrained in an emotional, vibrational, and energetic level, held at a chronic routine and sustained. These are long-term energetic emotional reactions and reactions which become so deeply held, a individual soon forgets they exist since they simply react in precisely the identical way time after time.

By way of instance, if someone has grown up thinking they don’t fit into society, this becomes a permanent, negative energy cycle that’s so practiced they soon forget it’s a belief. This individual only operates in life knowing they don’t fit in, and whenever they’re placed into a situation which might require them to attempt to fit in, they automatically react in fear or reject the very idea of trying.

If this mindset was practiced long enough, it will become a means of life until challenged. However, to challenge a belief in this way would require something to happen which would induce a man to eventually reflect and uncover the reason why they respond to situations in the way they do now.

Understanding a Deficiency of Self-Worth

This is one of the most self-defeating, negative emotions and self-beliefs a individual can hold, only because it generates negative automatic answers.

There are numerous reasons why a deficiency of self-worth can start at an early stage in an individual’s life. The simplest answer would be to attribute one or both parents, and this overlooks the knowledge available about every individual currently having selected their own life. The struggles that are a part of life are like the steps required to make a diamond. The more abrasive the procedure, the greater the outcome could be in the long term. This does depend upon the purpose a individual chooses for injecting challenges in their lives.

However, problems and problems occurring early in life may weaken the natural built-in sense of value available to each and every human being. Feeling obviously worthy doesn’t come easy for many people, not till they start a journey of personal and spiritual transformation.

Recognizing the Emotion of Worthiness

The emotion of value is truly about love. To feel too little self-worth is to feel too little self-love.

You will find clues about how someone feels right now, regarding their belief about being inherently worthy. By way of instance, a compliment, present, prize, new fantasy coming true, or anything coming to fruition. How can the person respond?

If there’s true happiness experienced or felt, the individual thinks they are worthy and deserving of what they’re about to receive. In contrast, if there are questions, jealousy, concern, or any sort of immunity which manifests itself through anger, frustration, depression, or some other negative feelings – this individual might not believe in their normal worthiness and the indications point towards inner turmoil. This also means they haven’t fully learned the craft of self-love.

To appreciate yourself wholly is to understand you’re here because you proposed it, and you worked out the details beforehand. While you might have experienced challenges early on in life, and do so much today, it never reduces your worthiness to get the best or anything you dream of or hope for or desire.

To adopt self-love is to eventually accept life as it happens daily, great or otherwise, with a practiced positive emotion of self indulgent, not a negative emotion of self-doubt.

In case you’ve struggled with questions of uncertainty, and you’re not certain if you’ve ever truly loved yourself, now’s the time to come up with a new belief system, to make a new life.

Only a simple reminder that will help you get started: “I planned my entire life.”

This knowledge will start to open many psychological doors for you, such as love for yourself.

The following reminder is that: “I have access to the Collective Consciousness of humanity at all times.”

It’s not tied to anyone and needs no one else to be involved. You’re also not asking anyone to get access for you, and you aren’t asking approval from anybody.

The previous reminder is that: “The wisdom and insight that I need for my entire life is available to me and it can be discovered through my mind”

With these reminders, now you can set a practiced, positive emotion towards your own life of self-worth and self-love. Now you’re no longer having to question whether you deserve something special in your life as you’re living your own life and connected to the origin of life, the energy of life itself.

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